Brandywine School District Board Candidate Forum-4/27/15

Come meet the Candidates for the Brandywine School Board of Education. The Brandywine School District Board Candidate Forum is set for Monday, April 27th 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Brandywine High School Auditorium.

Organized by Delaware PTA – Region 1

Following introductions, there will be a question and answer session.  The audience will have an opportunity to submit questions in writing.  After each question is read, each candidate will then be given a time to respond.

For more information on the Candidates Forum and the Candidates background information, click here.


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New Castle County’s UDC Focus Group – Civic Organizations

You are cordially invited join a workshop for community leaders and civic organizations regarding changes to the New Castle County Department of Land Use Unified Development Code (UDC).

The Focus Group will meet on Thursday, March 26 , 2015 from 10:30 a.m. to noon. The workshop will be located at the Government Center – 87 Reads Way, New Castle. Specific room TBD.

Please respond to Mark Veasey, NCC Land Use Administer (302) 395-5510 if you plan to attend the session.

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Bellefonte Centennial Commemoration – March 9th

Bellefonte CentennialThe Town of Bellefonte is Commemorating it’s Centennial at it it’s March 9th Town Commission Meeting. The public and Board of CCOBH are cordially invited.

The Town of Bellefonte Town Hall is located at 901A Rosedale Avenue, Bellefonte, DE 19809. 302-761-9638

The event begins at 6:00PM with a reception and remarks by local officials.

At 7:00, the monthly Town Commission meeting will be held. It will be a short meeting, mostly with events relating to to the Centennial..

At the conclusion of the Town Commission meeting, the reception will resume, with dessert being served.

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Christina River Watershed Cleanup – April 18 from 8am-12pm


Here is your opportunity to join the Christina River Watershed Cleanup! Make a difference by spending a little time along the Naamas Creek! (Meet behind Sweeney’s Bakery in the F&N Shopping Center).

Also visit: CHRISTINARIVERCLEANUP.ORG or call (302) 838-1897 to register.

Here are some flyers to share with your neighbors and friends:

2015_CRWC_Postings_-_Naamans 1
2015_CRWC_Postings_-_Naamans 2
2015_CRWC_Postings_-_Naamans 3
2015_CRWC_Postings_-_Naamans 4

Here is a summary of the of what the 2014 Cleanup accomplished:

The Naamans Creek Watershed Cleanup, held annually in connection with the Christina River Watershed Cleanup, pulled out over 1.5 tons of trash from the stream and surroundings.  This trash included car and truck tires, shopping carts, a highway sign, a picnic bench, lawnmower parts and a TV set.  Most of the material was plastic bags and bottles, soda and beer cans and newspaper circulars.  Sixty volunteers cleaned 17 different sites in our watershed. County Councilman John Cartier and State Representative Bryon participated in the cleanup.  Councilman Cartier also contributed $350 to the Cleanup.  Bill Baldwin and Action Environmental Service Corp helped with heavy removals.  Drew Hayes rode the Got Junk truck to help with the pickup.  Got Junk again donated time and dumping fees to the Cleanup effort.  Marianne Cinaglia located 18 sites for cleanup and pickup.  Jack Waslyn contacted food and supply donors including Harry’s Savoy, Sweeney’s Bakery, Acme, Rite Aid, F&N Liquors, Nino’s, and SafeWay.

Almost 700 volunteers participated in the entire 23rd Annual Christina River Watershed Cleanup and eliminated up about 20 tons of trash and recyclables from New Castle County.

Harvey Mill Park

About 30 trees and shrubs were planted in Harvey Mill Park the day of the Cleanup.  They were obtained by Tom Zaleski of the Newark City Parks Department and were paid for by inkind labor to plan and plant.  The effort was lead by Bill Baldwin and Action Environmental Service Corp.

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Remember to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle this Holiday Season

Gift boxes, as well as cardboard boxes, and most wrapping paper can be recycled curbside as a part of Delaware’s Universal Recycling Program.

Please take Styrofoam packaging, (clean) take-out containers/plates/cups, and foam packing peanuts to the Delaware Recycling Center in New Castle, or the Delaware Solid Waste Authority’s Milford Transfer Station.

More information on recycling in Delaware can be found in the How to Recycle Guide.

Monthly Tip from Keep America Beautiful: Give with the 3 R’s This Season

REDUCE: Give an experience. Whether it’s a trip for your family, a homemade dinner for your significant other, or an hour of smartphone training for your grandma- the gift of your time is the most valuable thing you can give to your loved ones!

REUSE: Wrap a gift in something that you’re reusing, like newspaper, or something the recipient can reuse, like a dish towel, cookie tin, or basket.

RECYCLE: Make sure your post-celebration cleanup includes recycling.

          • Cardboard boxes and non-metallic wrapping paper can be recycled.
          • Give new life to ribbons and gift bags by saving them for the next gift-giving occasion.


Thank You from Keep America Beautiful
1030 15th St, Suite 490W, Washington, District of Columbia 20005

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Brandywine Education Foundation-School Supply Drive

2014_School_Supply_Drive_flyer_smallerThe Brandywine Education Foundation will be collecting items this Saturday the August 9th and next Saturday the August 16th in front of Brandywine High School from 9-12 both mornings.

All items collected will go directly toward ensuring all the students in the Brandywine School District start the new year off on the right foot.

Here is a link to the School Supply Drive flyer for more information.

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Recycling in Delaware – Tips about best practices

So you want to recycle, but aren’t always sure what is acceptable for recycling in Delaware. Recently Hetty Franke and Marianne Cinaglia toured the ReCommunity single stream recycling plant recently with the Recycling Public Advisory Council (RPAC). While there they received some important tips about recycling practices.

1. There were plastic bags floating through the air and wrapped around axles throughout the plant. Do not, do not, do not put plastic bags in your recycle containers! Plastic bags belong in the store collection containers.

2. Also flying through the air and covering the floor and ground outside was”confetti” made of shredded paper. This is another no no for recycling.

3. Tops should be removed from containers before the containers are added to your recyclable materials. Containers with trapped liquid weigh more than empty ones and are missorted in the single stream process. Caps are usually made of different plastics than the container. Capped bottles make the packaging process more difficult.

The ReCommunity plant is presently running on one shift a day. In July the plant will add another shift. This addition places the plant about two years ahead of the initially planned increase in recycling capacity. On the ReCommunity website you can take a trip through a virtual single stream plant. Another great resource is: The Recycling Bin’s Dirty Dozen. This contains the complete no no list and may be what you want to post in your newsletters.

DirtyDozen_Page_1 DirtyDozen_Page_2









  1. NO Plastic Bags
  2. NO Material in Plastic Bags
  3. NO Shredded Paper
  4. NO Scrap Metal
  5. NO Hazardous Waste
  6. NO Diapers or Bio-Hazardous Waste
  7. NO Non-Recyclable Plastics
  8. NO Flattened Containers i.e soda cans
  9. NO Caps/Lids on Glass Bottles or Jars
  10. NO Liquid
  11. NP Ceramics or Non-Recyclables
  12. NO Frozen Food Containers

For more information on recycling, check out the DNREC site. Also check out this recycling guide for additional tips to best practices.

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Naamans Creek Watershed 2014 Cleanup Review

Christina River CleanupThe 2014 Naamans Creek Watershed Cleanup, held annually in connection with the Christina River Watershed Cleanup, pulled out over 1.5 tons of trash from the stream and surroundings.

This trash included car and truck tires, shopping carts, a highway sign, a picnic bench and a TV set. Most of the material was plastic bags and bottles, soda and beer cans and newspaper circulars.

Sixty (60) volunteers cleaned 17 different sites in the watershed. County Councilman John Cartier and State Representative Bryon Short participated in the cleanup.

Almost 700 volunteers participated in the entire 23rd Annual Christina River Watershed Cleanup and eliminated up about 20 tons of trash and recyclables from New Castle County. 1-800-Got Junk once again took care of transporting our trash to the landfill.

Most of the participants enjoyed lunch on the patio of Harry’s Savoy Bar and Grill. Food and other materials for the lunch were supplied by Harry’s, Nino’s Pizza, Sweeney’s Bakery, Acme Market, Safeway, Rite Aide and F&N Liquor.

In addition to the trash collection 28 tree whips were planted in the parkland between Naamans Creek and Lancashire. Photographs of the cleanup will be posted here as they become available.

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Nominate an Outstanding Volunteer or Group Today

Volunteer DelawareNominations for the Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Awards are now being accepted by the State Office of Volunteerism.

These awards recognize the important contributions volunteers make to their communities through volunteerism. Award recipients will be honored at a special ceremony in October at the Dover Downs Hotel.

Individuals, businesses, and groups volunteering in the areas of arts and culture; education; community service; environment; health; human needs; and social justice during the previous calendar year are eligible. Nomination packets must be delivered to the Office of Volunteerism by August 18, 2014

Why nominate?

  • These awards are a wonderful way to show your volunteers you appreciate them and highlight all the good people are doing in Delaware.
  • Winners receive a framed certificate and picture of them accepting their award from the Governor.
  • Winners and their organizations are highlighted in all press releases and social media.

If you have any questions or would like us to review your packet before submission, please contact Carrie Hart, or 857-5006.

The Nomination form is here and includes FAQs. This information is also available on the Volunteer Delaware homepage.

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WHEREAS, there should be a consistent and evenly applied standard for addressing and resolving vicious dog attacks in the State of Delaware;
WHEREAS, recent matters involving dangerous dogs throughout the State and in Brandywine Hundred have demonstrated that the State is not properly responding to the grave concerns of the citizens of this State with respect to continued ownership by citizens of dangerous dogs where such dogs have been involved in one or more incidents that breach the peace of injure the public;.
WHEREAS, citizens of Delaware should not need to fear or be injured by attacks from dangerous dogs;
WHEREAS, CCOBH, believes that upon notice of an incident involving a dog that has been found to be dangerous, the dangerous dog should be removed from a home or from the control of the owner when the dog, irrespective of breed, engages in additional behavior which is inherently dangerous and such dog should be destroyed;
NOW BE IT RESOLVED that the CCOBH Board of Directors calls on the Delaware General Assembly and the Governor of this State to set up an Animal Control Authority with centers in the three counties with enough personnel and equipment to do accomplish the job of animal control the way it should be done expeditious and thoroughly in an effort to protect the state’s citizens, their pets and their property.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the CCOBH Board of Directors calls on these same parties to adopt the following provisions to ensure that dangerous dogs are treated alike throughout the State:

“(a)  An animal control authority shall investigate reported incidents involving any dog that may be dangerous and shall, if possible, interview the owner and require a sworn affidavit from any person, including any animal control officer or enforcement officer, desiring to have a dog classified as dangerous. Any animal that is the subject of a dangerous dog investigation, that is not impounded with the animal control authority, shall be humanely and safely confined by the owner in a securely fenced or enclosed area pending the outcome of the investigation.

(b) After the investigation, the animal control authority shall make an initial determination as to whether there is sufficient cause to classify the dog as dangerous and shall afford the owner an opportunity for a hearing prior to making a final determination. The animal control authority shall provide written notification of the sufficient cause finding, to the owner, by registered mail, certified hand delivery, or service in conformance with the provisions relating to service of process in the Delaware Superior Court. The owner may file a written request for a hearing within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the notification of the sufficient cause finding and, if requested, the hearing shall be held as soon as possible, but not more than 21 calendar days and no sooner than 5 days after receipt of the request from the owner. The decision by the animal control authority following that hearing shall be conclusive and final.

(c)  Once a dog is classified as a dangerous dog, the animal control authority shall provide written notification to the owner by registered mail, certified hand delivery or service.

(d)  If a dog that has previously been declared dangerous attacks and/or injures a person or a domestic animal without provocation, the owner is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided elsewhere in the Code. In addition, the dangerous dog shall be immediately confiscated by an animal control authority, placed in quarantine, if necessary, for the proper length of time, or impounded and held for 10 business days after the owner is given written notification under, and thereafter shall destroyed in an expeditious and humane manner. This 10-day time period shall allow the owner to seek relief from the Court of Chancery as to why such dog should not be destroyed. The owner shall be responsible for payment of all boarding costs and other fees as may be required to humanely and safely keep the animal during the 10 days and the time the matter is in the Court. If the owner is not successful in keeping the dog from being destroyed as a result of any action brought, such owner shall be responsible for the fees, costs and expenses, including legal fees, of the animal control authority in connection with that action.

(e)  If a dog attacks or and injures a person who is engaged in or attempting to engage in a criminal activity at the time of the attack, the owner is not guilty of any crime specified under this section, nor is the dog subject to impoundment.”

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